Apple Net Worth is $2.504 Trillion ($2504 Billion) in 2022: Apple Becomes First Company which has touched the $3 Trillion mark

Apple Inc. Is an American multinational company and is famous for the manufacturing of smartphones, tablets, PCs, and many more electronic devices.

Its headquarter is situated in Cupertino, California where the manufacturing is done.

Apple Inc. Is considered as the five greatest companies in the IT sector of America with some of the big guns like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook. 

If Steve Jobs was alive then he surely would’ve been the richest person in this world.

The company holds more than 147,000 employees and has over 500 retail shops around the world.

The first iPhone was launched way back in 2007 and it became a sensation as there was no competition for it. 

In 2011 Steve Jobs left the country and Tim Cook becomes the new CEO.

Steve Jobs left the company to found NeXT, with several company employees.